Styling: Neutrals

DSF8301 Recovered Recovered zpszjb8iq1l Styling: Neutrals

There is a recent obsession both in the fashion community and of my own, with neutrals. Though black-and-white has always been a staple for many years, the new two colors that I have started seeing everywhere are grey and light pink. Today I want to talk about the grey trend. A head to toe monochrome look in grey, in my opinion, can look a little bit like PJs or lounge clothes due to the color. This is where the use of tailoring and fit is most important. Since this is a bit harder to perfect I did not opt for a full mono look.

In this outfit I decided to really tone down the grey by just styling grey accessories, like my big fuzzy bag and shiny grey boots. I chose these items because they are two different textures; they do not match at all or have that cutesy look you get when you match accessories in an otherwise all black outfit. I love a fuzzy textured bag in early spring because it can still be a bit chilly so it doesn’t look weird to have fur (faux fur btw). With the start of spring and then the onset of summer comes with a more bohemian vibe, so I thought it was perfect to break out my bell sleeve romper. Will be wearing this a lot more this season as rompers are a quick go to item for spring/summer. Other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links to all items featured.

DSF8225 1 zpsk0mzlc9k Styling: Neutrals
DSF8233 zpsafmqlu7g Styling: Neutrals
DSF8258 zpsnjid7b6c Styling: Neutrals
DSF8320 zpsf9gpvvob Styling: Neutrals
DSF8264 zpszq2kjyoy Styling: Neutrals
DSF8266 zpsrpnooqat Styling: Neutrals
DSF8272 zpskujl4hl0 Styling: Neutrals
DSF8322 zpsgfffevma Styling: Neutrals
DSF8329 1 zpspwkkfqsq Styling: Neutrals
DSF8305 1 zpstvqlbuj3 Styling: Neutrals

bag – Demilamores
romper – Rove Designs
shoes – Public Desire
choker – Young Muse

Photos by Cory Cullington

Styling: Monochrome Textures

DSF8336 zps1eqisvga Styling: Monochrome Textures

When styling an all black outfit, texture is key. I’m wearing my new favorite soft faux fur coat and new go-to black leather bag in today’s look. I had to do one classic all black look to end the winter season as this is the sort of outfit I find most comfortable. My thigh high velvet boots with the metallic heel add a bit of sparkle to the outfit and is a good complement to the furry coat. The minimalism design of the smooth leather bag contrasts really well with the texture on both the coat, the boots and the design on my tights. Mixing textures is my favorite strategy to spice up an all black outfit, so it doesn’t look so one dimensional and boring.

When you add different textures to an all black look it stands out differently than other black outfits; that’s why many all black outfits can start to look the same after awhile, like a uniform. This bag quickly became one of my go-to’s after I discovered it had a big pocket on the back. This is a very useful design to slip in a quick cardholder or your phone so you don’t have to reach into your purse too often. Other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links to all items featured. Also my festival lookbook will be coming up in just a few weeks!

DSF8352 zpsnzp2s4lf Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8368 zpsidyewawe Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8382 zpsqyqq2duu Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8397 zpsxqs8mt2c Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8385 zpsefcdf4ox Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8399 zpsrc2c3wqb Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8400 zpsrrcdjpmi Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8411 zpsxd2mufg6 Styling: Monochrome Textures

bag – X Nihilo
coat – David Lerner NY
romper – Rove Designs
boots – Public Desire

Photos by Cory Cullington

Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci

mission fur 132 zpsmx2rxlnt Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. Trends come and go but when you truly love a design, it will be a staple in your wardrobe for many years. I’m sure you have all noticed a big Gucci trend this year. All of the new Gucci designs are so beautiful and I have been seeing them everywhere. I don’t think I’ve seen hardly any outfits lately without that statement Gucci belt and usually a matching bag to accompany it. So I knew I had to break out my favorite shiny vintage Gucci boots and show them off in an outfit before winter was over. The patent leather and classic two tone on the heel with the pointed toe make it a design that I know I will continue to have in my closet for many years.

When investing in designer items it is very important to get pieces that your envision styling in many versatile looks for years to come. That way they are worth every penny. I paired my boots with one of my new favorite statement coats with this multicolored faux fur chevron detailing. I thought it paired perfectly with the boots as it hit at just the right length to show off the little buckle at the top. I kept my outfit pretty minimal with my accessories; pairing the gold hardware on my bag with a little gold necklace and detailing on my sunnies. Usually when wearing a big statement item like this coat it’s best to keep the accessories fairly simple. Full outfit details will be listed below along with direct links to all items featured.

mission fur 43 zpszmnoa2u5 Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 70 zpsu5e4q0pl Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 56 zpsavm1islr Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 61 zpsafe1p8gh Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 97 zpsrvpvo9vt Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 123 zpse0sizill Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 139 zps5khekkfo Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 193 zpsdxfultim Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 140 zpsq9gaitc3 Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 152 zpsbglbngvq Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 211 zpsqlei0uw0 Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 235 zpsg8tsezl9 Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci
mission fur 229 zpsux36brh8 Styling: Designer Trends, Gucci

boots – Gucci (vintage)
coat – Tart Collections
jewelry – Rope The Moon
dress – Vintage
tights – American Apparel
sunglasses – Vintage
bag – Elizabeth and James

Photos by Lara Mansfeld

Styling: Pearls

IMG 5892 after zpsknn9rcdv Styling: Pearls

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I want to feature a perfect little delicate gift. Pearls have always been a luxury status symbol in fashion and society. A simple little pair of pearl earrings is I think one of the best valentine’s gifts you can get, and also one of the safest if you don’t know their exact personal favorite style. They are romantic and beautiful but also very practical; they are a nice addition to your wardrobe as they are a very classic piece. Never too over-the-top but also always a very sophisticated look. I am also a fan of this design because of the very small delicate pearls, as I feel like a large pearl earring can look a bit costume. These ones are the perfect size.

I decided to pair my little pearl earrings with my new leather jacket; the thick leather is a great juxtaposition to the dainty look of the pearls. I wanted to match the big circle silver stud details on my moto jacket to the circle shape of the earrings too. My shiny lucite heels also bring attention to the silver details and the luminescent pearls. My bag has a red interior which I think brings a bit of color to the look and also contrasts well with the design on my dress. All outfit details will be listed below along with direct links.

IMG 5641 Edited zpsmiityr9f Styling: Pearls
IMG 5771 Edited zpswiwfmjwj Styling: Pearls
IMG 5673 Edited zpsx7v5mgg0 Styling: Pearls
IMG 6045 Edited Final zps8a78aszh Styling: Pearls
IMG 5705 Edited Final zpsnqoaqazo Styling: Pearls
IMG 5993 Edited zpswadauzo6 Styling: Pearls
IMG 5817 Edited 1 zps4zcwnwmc Styling: Pearls
IMG 5710 Edited 2 zpsczwckmsm Styling: Pearls
IMG 5777 Edited zpsmnj23ksn Styling: Pearls
IMG 6102 Edited zpsnfljbbpt Styling: Pearls

pearls – Mejuri
jacket – Gypsy Warrior
watch – Daniel Wellington
dress- Vintage
bag – The Sophia Label
boots – TwoTwo Shoes
sunglasses – Free People

Photos by Yensa Werth (Photos edited by Me. I would NOT recommend this photographer as she is extremely unreliable. We shot 3 outfits and I never got the other 2 outfit photos back.)

Stepping Outside Your Fashion “comfort zone”

IMG 8483 1 zpsru8tdmky Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone

Around the new year I talked a lot about my one and only fashion New Years “resolution”! That was to wear more color this year, and if not more color, then just at least less black. So that’s where we are starting today; grey. Stepping into a more minimalism style is also something I’m working on this year. Though don’t forget I have my big closet organization post coming up at the beginning of next month where I will talk a lot more in detail about this process 🙂

An easy way to make a classic “masculine” piece like a trench coat look a little more girly, is to pair it with cutesy non-black items. My new designer bag has a very chic look with the shiny jewelry-like hardware and is in a very pretty grey color. This saddle bag is definitely a step outside my fashion comfort zone but I’m absolutely in love with it. The grey and gold combo is a bit more unusual too, and will I think encourage me to wear more colors in between. I had to pair the bag with these grey boots; however I should note they are not the exact same tone of grey. Though if you notice the colored perspex heel on the boots, it helps to match the two tone effect in both pieces. Other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links.

IMG 8487 zpstcgjvr2c Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8500 zpsjf1escdc Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8456 zpsfsufupxj Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8499 zpsxx42nlhw Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8502 zps7w8miyta Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8468 zpstqmso1k2 Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8505 zpswse6eugj Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone
IMG 8514 zpsdbffmnor Stepping Outside Your Fashion comfort zone

bag – Chloe Drew Bag (grey, gold hardware)
boots – Public Desire
necklace – Rope The Moon
trench – Vintage
dress – Vintage
sunglasses – Vintage

Photos by Phil VN