Closet Staples: Rompers

blais photography 3 zpsjklacmsa Closet Staples: Rompers

Hopefully this is my last warmer weather outfit for at least a few months as it is now finally just started to get a bit cooler. I can’t wait to break out all my velvet, faux fur, shiny leather and cashmere! However, today’s look is just a simple daily outfit of what I typically slip on for a busy day. I think a comfortable romper is the perfect item for this, especially for when you need to get out of the house fast. You put on just one item and then slip on some shoes and grab a bag; you can be out the door in literally less than five minutes. I paired today’s look with my new bag from Nicole Lee that can also double as a backpack, and sunnies from Tijn Eyewear. I’m sure you know by now how much I love a good functional design. I know today’s post is a bit shorter than normal, but I have a big “How To Shop A Sale” post coming in the next week. So keep an eye out for that for some great shopping (& money saving) tips 🙂 Other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links.

blais photography 2 zpsf8hqahap Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 4 zpsmady5plc Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 7 zpsz7t5igcr Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 5 zpsdh80yxgr Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 8 zpsk77kuc76 Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 9 zpszfkcur9t Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 10 zpsbdhvstui Closet Staples: Rompers
blais photography 11 zpsslqg04zd Closet Staples: Rompers

bag/backpack – Nicole Lee
sunglasses – Tijn Eyewear
hat – Vintage
romper – Free People
boots – Vintage

Photos by Monique Blais

Styling: Flats

D 01 1 1 Styling: Flats

It’s not too often that you’ll find me in flat shoes, but when I have a busy day and am trying to dress casual they are my best option. Though its often hard to find flat shoes that aren’t sneakers but are just as comfortable and durable, both of these looks feature these little black lace up flats by Restricted Shoes. I love the vintage inspired design and the classy bowtie front on these flats. I wore all black in two looks to show a simple day to night transition. Both looks also feature gold hardware which accentuates my new favorite little gold necklace from Muisse Jewelry. My grandmother has a necklace with a D engraved in it just like this one, so when I saw this design I felt a deep nostalgia right away. As you can see the engraving is beautifully done in old English lettering and I personally wanted it on the very edge of the bar. Though they can custom make the design any way you want.

The first look is more of a daytime outfit and what I normally wear out on almost any day of the week. What I will typically wear is a breathable soft dress that has a flowy silhouette rather than skintight. Just add some fun sunnies, grab you bag and go. This look is all abut comfort and practicality, which is why its my daily “uniform”. Its a simple look, paired with the flats and my go to leather bucket bag that can hold way more than it looks. The little matching leather pouch inside also helps. The second outfit is about that time when it is starting to turn into evening and might get a bit chilly. I decided to pair the flats and necklace with a super soft sweater and suede skirt combo to keep me warm but still comfortable. I also had to put on my hat with gold trimming as I love to pair gold details with this hat, I mean that is the whole reason I got it. With these casual looks it’s good to just put on something that you know you can be comfortable in. You don’t want to be too dressed up as you want comfort to be the first priority in an outfit like this. All outfit details will be listed below each look along with direct links.

D 02 Styling: Flats
D 04 edited 1 Styling: Flats
D 06 Styling: Flats
D 03 Styling: Flats
D 07 Styling: Flats

necklace – Muisse Jewelry
bag – Dezzal
dress – For Love and Lemons
shoes – Restricted Shoes
sunglasses – Vintage

D 08 Styling: Flats
D 09 Styling: Flats
D 11 Styling: Flats
D 12 Styling: Flats
D 10 Styling: Flats
D 13 Styling: Flats

necklace – Muisse Jewelry
sweater – Vintage
skirt – Vintage
shoes – Restricted Shoes
bag – Eliz and James
sunglasses – Vintage

photos by Monique Blais

Daily Looks Spring 2016

Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.25.41%20PM zpsnya6pj8f Daily Looks Spring 2016

A few of my casual, and not so casual, daily looks from the past 2 months. I will have two posts going up this week, (not including this one), to make up for no post last week. I apologize as everything got a bit pushed back from moving and tech issues. I also have a very detailed spring closet cleaning/organization post going up in the next couple weeks. I had to organize it into 3 parts as to not be too long, so part 1 will be coming soon. Info on the different daily looks will be listed below, though I will not be listing every item in each look. I will have info on the main item and provided links. However, if there is anything you are ever wondering about that you do see on my blog you can always email me on here or leave a comment, or send a message on any of my various social medias. I will always do my best to help 🙂

Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.25.23%20PM zpsfs0sgspx Daily Looks Spring 2016
Harley Davidson T-shirt Dress from Total Recall Vintage
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.26.56%20PM zpswqgaal9s Daily Looks Spring 2016
Vintage Blazer and Louis Vuitton bag
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.27.32%20PM zpsu4ug3gbi Daily Looks Spring 2016
Daniel Wellington watch from Daniel Wellington
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.28.01%20PM zpsrlyk5prd Daily Looks Spring 2016
Daniel Wellington watch from Daniel Wellington
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.29.03%20PM zpshrlcwohc Daily Looks Spring 2016
Pom Beanie from Love Your Melon
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.28.32%20PM zpsyxwrznub Daily Looks Spring 2016
Kiley Bag from Nicole Lee USA
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.29.16%20PM zpssngdzv7h Daily Looks Spring 2016
So Real Dior sunglasses from Fashion Eyewear (coming tomorrow!)
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.29.37%20PM zpssu6fvgtx Daily Looks Spring 2016
Leopard Poncho from Saks 5th Ave.
Screen%20Shot%202016 06 18%20at%2010.29.52%20PM zpssgmudyln Daily Looks Spring 2016
Michael Kors blazer from Fevrie (coming soon)

Photographers: Lara Mansfeld/Kelsey Becker

Closet Staples: Timepiece

new zpsh0hfaonl Closet Staples: Timepiece

A classic minimalist timepiece is a must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only is it a functional item because you won’t be distracted by your phone to check the time, but it goes with almost any outfit with minimal styling effort. It’s a staple piece, and one that’s been worn proudly by woman for awhile now. Though not too long ago it was actually taboo for women to wear a pocket watch as it was seen as a man’s accessory only, but then wristwatches came along and changed all that. Now anyone can wear them with confidence.

Daniel Wellington has a variety of watches, though I was most attracted to the classic vintage style and this beautiful Swarovski crystal design. I chose rose gold hardware and a sleek black leather band as to perfectly match all my leather items. In this look I paired the watch with rose gold tones created by the nudes and blacks in my skirt, to really bring all the attention to the accessories against the detail of the nude tulle in the lace. A wristwatch is an essential GirlBoss piece. I think every woman should have at least one in her wardrobe, I only have two now but hope to build my collection.

I also have a discount code, THEVELVETDRESS, for 15% off at Daniel Wellington, other outfit details will be listed below along with a direct link to this watch.

chella 1 206%20copy zpshwkshf71 Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 233%20copy zps03embh8h Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 246%20copy zpsiknso4yh Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 254 zpswxieyrdg Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 258 zpsg3n0wmyu Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 298%20copy%20copy zpsk2jinyou Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 319%20copy%20copy zpsvjdnedhh Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 327%20copy zpscidzvotk Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 379%20copy zpsrhbln6fp Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 382%20copy zpscpipxmrr Closet Staples: Timepiece
chella 1 423%20copy zpspknpbedd Closet Staples: Timepiece

watch – Daniel Wellington
sunnies – Free People
jacket – Nasty Gal
skirt – For Love and Lemons
shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Lara Mansfeld

Artwork by Michael Matheson

Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos

BW 081 zpsn7xpgnvw Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos

Part 2 of my festival style lookbook is a bit more funky but still maintains the same practical and comfortable level as the first. Originally I had planned to do much more festive looks with a lot of details, but I feel that there have been a lot of overdone Coachella looks this year; the matching crop sets, glow (faux) tattoos, the piles of silver jewelry. I do love it all, but I’d rather give some tips on how I would personally dress. I know the typical trend is more rather than less, but when I go to festivals I like to stay mostly on the funky yet comfortable side of festival fashion. These looks both feature fringe kimonos, which is another essential for festival season. It’s fun to have something to move around while you dance, as well as necessary to hide you from the sun during the day. I wore a little black romper with both of these looks which is a simple base to use in almost any look, and others won’t always be able to tell you just wore it.

The first look is a classic all black outfit, which I feel is a very easy go to look as you’ll never be “out of fashion” (whatever that means), and we all know black is slimming and almost everyone looks good in it. I paired this floral lace fringe kimono with the silver accents on my hat, bag and jewelry to offset the otherwise plain look of my outfit. A two tone look is always more interesting. For my 2nd look I decided to wear one of my favorite kimonos. This white crochet dream piece is one of my favorites and it is a true statement piece, I would definitely wear it to a festival. The floral dream-catcher like design on the back and the fringe coming off the arms is just perfect. I also wore a very large necklace with this look. Although this necklace is just one piece it looks like it could be several necklaces strung together which adds dimension. Both of these looks were worn with these lovely leather vintage boots from Harlee’s Closet. I have featured them before on my blog here, I always love finding classic vintage pieces to add to my collection. Outfit details will be listed below for both looks, along with direct links.

BW 011 zpsyjkaozuh Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 02 zps8ssrnrfe Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 03 zpslkejlaxx Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 04 zps3bkasell Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 05 zps9tc3ftcy Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 07 zpszevhj9ge Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos

shoes- Harlee’s Closet
hat- UNIF
bag – Vintage
sunlgasses- Free People
kimono- LF
jewelry – Vintage

BW 09 zpsakilxzve Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 10 zpsaaddzqiz Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 11 zpss8mni1w1 Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 16 zpsvgmvazuf Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 15 zps9z2x2lbg Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos
BW 17 zpsrjf9jqlf Festival LookBook, Fringe Kimonos

shoes – Harlee’s Closet
hat – UNIF
sunglasses – Free People
kimono- Spell Designs
jewelry – Child of Wild

Photos by Lara Mansfeld