Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017

Now that fashion month has officially come to a close I will be reviewing my favorite designers from New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion week. Each location has a bit of a different feel to it, so I have chosen one label from each week that was my personal favorite. As always, picking only one designer is much easier said than done. I will include photos from the show/collection as well as a brief description about the brand and the new collection. Feel free to comment which were your favorites this year, as there are so many talented designers it’s so hard to choose just one for each week so I would love to hear your picks as well!

EJ  0947 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
EJ  1493 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
EJ  1122 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
NYFW- My favorite designer every year in New York is Zimmermann. This brand is always impressing me with fresh takes on classic silhouettes while still maintaining that girly yet sophisticated feel. Their pieces have an elegance and simplicity yet also have a bit of an edge to them that is very hard to find. Something that many designers try and fail to do. Also one of the only brands that makes me want to wear more color (and white), and I think it really says something that they continue to be my favorite every year.

BUR0511 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
BUR0811 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
BUR0877 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
LFW- My favorite designer from London this year was Burberry. This collection was a little more street style inspired, a bit less polished and very effortlessly cool; I really liked it. The creative director of the brand had this to say about the new collection, “A little more honest, a little less polished. With their seamless high-tech construction and traditional plaid finishes, the brand’s highly coveted rain macs certainly combine the best high-performance know-how of the future with the picture-perfect dimensions of the past in a cool, streetwise way.” I think that sums it up just perfectly.

versace women SS18 64 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
versace women SS18 54 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
versace women SS18 1 1 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
MFW- Milan never fails to impress, I think the worst part about it is choosing only one designer to feature. This is my favorite fashion week every year, just a tiny bit above Paris which comes in at a very close 2nd. The Versace show was my favorite this year not only because I loved everything but because they brought the supers back! The collection was just stunning but seeing Naomi Campbell up there again I knew this was my favorite moment of the whole entire season. I do have to note though that the Gucci show was also a favorite, which was actually my pick for Milan last year.

CHA0205 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
CHA0415 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
CHA0427 Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
PFW- Chanel is another one that is always my favorite every year, even if I actively try to choose another brand instead..Chanel will always find a way to bring me back. Though I do have to note right away that I was not much of a fan of the hats in this collection. Though I quickly fell in love with everything else especially the boots and bags which were of course my favorites! But who can beat these simple/chic yet so futuristic black and white looks. To me it’s the perfect combo, a little weird..but I like it. Fashion has never been normal or boring. I do have to also note that the Dior show was just amazing this year, a very close 2nd choice for Paris. Dior is my 2nd choice every year so I thought it deserved a little mention as well.

adut akech Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017
My favorite new model this year was Adut Akech (walking at the McQueen show)

Don’t forget to tell me your favorite designers from this season in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Fashion Month Favorite Designers 2017

  1. What a fantastic roundup of your favourite designers! This Fashion Week month was one of my favourites so far! I loved too the Versace collection, so many styles, prints, shapes! And of course the Chanel! Thanks so much for sharing, amazing photos and article 🙂

    • I just love Zimmerman! Never fails to please followed by Chanel and Gucci, which always impresses

      Angela xx

  2. Obsessed with those boots from the Chanel show! Great job on this post babe, one of your best so far!! ?

  3. The looks you highlighted are incredible. Such talent in these beautiful, colorful creations! Love love love gorgeous girl!

  4. I really liked the Versace show as well! It’s always do hard to pick a favorite designer, since there are many awesome gowns and designs! I really liked Elie Saab, it’s always one of my favorites.

  5. All great picks, I have the hardest time picking a favorite from each fashion week, but I can totally see why you picked these. I am excited for Sies Marjan, Missoni and Marni, too! Dior actually has been my fav since two season ago, just love their new art direction.

  6. Loved all the styles ♡
    My favorite was The Versace show, I really loved how they brought the models back!
    The diversities of the styles were beautifully set, as well as i loved the new green color of Burberry that was added to their plaid fabrics.


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