Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear

With school starting and festival season coming to an end; this last and final festival post will be helpful all year round for any event where you have to do a lot of walking. That’s right we are talking shoes today. Now we all know that shoes can either make or break an outfit and I don’t just mean aesthetically. If your feet are hurting and you’re in pain with every single step you take, you don’t care how cute your shoes look in that moment. You want to be comfortable. This is why I think that boots, like the ones I’m wearing here, are the perfect way to go. However I should note you should always opt for a low low heel if you can, as this will decrease pressure on your arch while still sticking with the funky festival theme. Velvet is also the perfect choice to go for boots considering how warm of a material it is. Meaning that if you are wearing for example, a dress or coat, the velvet will make you warm faster as it is not breathable. Still, it’s a good way to add some color to an otherwise all black outfit.

There is of course other good footwear alternatives. Tall flatform shoes have the benefit of being super high up like a tall heel, though still very comfortable due to the flat sole. My only issue with wearing these to a festival type setting is that you could roll your ankle quite easily, especially if you are not used to walking in them. Lace up sandals are also a good alternative to boots, though my only concern with this choice is that your open toes will most likely get stepped on at some point. This is why I personally opt for closed toed boots with either a 1 to 3 inch heel for comfort. All other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links to all items featured.

IMG 0809111 Recovered Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear
IMG 0811111 1 Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear
IMG 0922111 Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear
IMG 0792111 Recovered Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear
IMG 0823111 Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear

dress- Vintage
bag – Urban Outfitters
hat- Lack of Color
boots – Vintage

Directed and Styled by Danielle Gold
Photos by Rebecca Rivera


10 thoughts on “Festival Lookbook 3/3: Comfortable Footwear

  1. Omg these velvet boots are TDF!! So perfect on you babe. You’re so right about the flatforms too!

  2. I am in love with everything that you wear babe ! Look at those boots and that hat. Once your done I’ll have them ?

  3. So many good tips here! Closed toes shoes are always the best and I’m obsessed with those velvet boots babe!

  4. These boots are so cool! Love the colour. I always opt for flats or a low boot heel like a Cuban for a festival. I always end up running between stages for shoes back to back so can’t wear a heel.
    Xx Jenelle

  5. This is so good! It’s true! I agree with every one of your shoe suggestions, especially the ankle rolling part- so so easy to do! Velvet boots are so perfect for this outfit and for fall! Yay for velvet everything !!❤️❤️ So good, beauty!

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