Styling: Fitness to Everyday Wear

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Good quality workout pieces are hard to come by, but ones I can easily transition from a workout outfit to an all day look are even more rare. This is why I was excited to come across this lovely faux leather workout jacket. Though it doesn’t look it, it is a very breathable faux leather made with a spandex blend so it’s a thinner more gym like material, (unlike leather which is usually a thicker material and not very flexible). My favorite part about this piece is the long circle scarf on the neck, because it’s so long it actually covers most of your chest and all the way down the torso. I don’t personally go to a gym to work out, I get my exercise thru hiking and doing Pilates or yoga. So this jacket is ideal to have on a hike where we often go out for food after and sometimes stay out longer than anticipated. Though for a more intense workout at a gym where you’re really moving I would probably just opt to take it off or wrap the scarf more tightly around your neck.

To show how easily this piece can transition from a gym look to an everyday outfit, I decided to only change out of my workout shoes and add a bag. This change takes only seconds. The only other thing I would possibly change is to put my hair up if you’re doing a more intense workout, however I was going on a mellow hike and didn’t mind having my hair down. I didn’t change anything else about this look except the shoes, and grabbing my purse. You can see within just a few seconds the look is much more polished. I will have all other outfit details listed below.

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pants – Free People
top – Free People
sunglasses – Vintage
sneakers – Nike
boots – Jeffrey Campbell (mine are up for sale here)


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