Styling: Statement Bags

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Today’s look features a simple outfit with a statement bag. This beautiful handmade bucket style bag is from the lovely company Mochila Bag Addixion. Coming from a person who does not own a lot of bags, because most do not hold up their quality unless you buy designer, I can really say these bags are great quality and sturdy. I took it to the beach and it fit my towel, water, book, and shoes just fine and still held it’s silhouette perfectly. What I love the most about these bags are some designs are truly one of a kind, as the bags come in a large variety of prints and sizes and sell out quick. Though this particular design is now sold out, there are so many options that I have no doubt that anyone could find one that truly fit their style. I was actually first drawn to this company for it’s individual style and designs; and I’m not the only one who quickly fell in love. There are actually a few celebrities that have been seen rocking these bags, including Kourtney Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens.

I was first attracted to this particular design for it’s color choices and the vintage Alice in Wonderland theme diamond pattern. I also really love the swirling rings on the bottom, that remind me of a beehive. Even though I chose a printed bag over a plain one, I found this funky yet minimalist design easily transcends between a casual every day outfit and one that I could also use as a beach/travel bag. I chose to wear all white in this look to really accent the white diamonds on the print, which I think contrast well off my naturally dark hair and light skin. Other outfit details will be listed below.

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bag – Mochila Bag Addixion
dress – Nasty Gal
shoes – Windsor
sunglasses – Free People
jewelry – Vintage

Photos by Aidan Hogge


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