Styling: Pearls

IMG 5892 after zpsknn9rcdv Styling: Pearls

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I want to feature a perfect little delicate gift. Pearls have always been a luxury status symbol in fashion and society. A simple little pair of pearl earrings is I think one of the best valentine’s gifts you can get, and also one of the safest if you don’t know their exact personal favorite style. They are romantic and beautiful but also very practical; they are a nice addition to your wardrobe as they are a very classic piece. Never too over-the-top but also always a very sophisticated look. I am also a fan of this design because of the very small delicate pearls, as I feel like a large pearl earring can look a bit costume. These ones are the perfect size.

I decided to pair my little pearl earrings with my new leather jacket; the thick leather is a great juxtaposition to the dainty look of the pearls. I wanted to match the big circle silver stud details on my moto jacket to the circle shape of the earrings too. My shiny lucite heels also bring attention to the silver details and the luminescent pearls. My bag has a red interior which I think brings a bit of color to the look and also contrasts well with the design on my dress. All outfit details will be listed below along with direct links.

IMG 5641 Edited zpsmiityr9f Styling: Pearls
IMG 5771 Edited zpswiwfmjwj Styling: Pearls
IMG 5673 Edited zpsx7v5mgg0 Styling: Pearls
IMG 6045 Edited Final zps8a78aszh Styling: Pearls
IMG 5705 Edited Final zpsnqoaqazo Styling: Pearls
IMG 5993 Edited zpswadauzo6 Styling: Pearls
IMG 5817 Edited 1 zps4zcwnwmc Styling: Pearls
IMG 5710 Edited 2 zpsczwckmsm Styling: Pearls
IMG 5777 Edited zpsmnj23ksn Styling: Pearls
IMG 6102 Edited zpsnfljbbpt Styling: Pearls

pearls – Mejuri
jacket – Gypsy Warrior
watch – Daniel Wellington
dress- Vintage
bag – The Sophia Label
boots – TwoTwo Shoes
sunglasses – Free People

Photos by Yensa Werth (Photos edited by Me. I would NOT recommend this photographer as she is extremely unreliable. We shot 3 outfits and I never got the other 2 outfit photos back.)

9 thoughts on “Styling: Pearls

  1. I loooooove pearls!! I have one drop pearl that I wear on a long chain, and for some stupid reason it only JUST occurred to me that I would wear it more if I had a shorter chain for it! hahaha so silly. As with anything, I love to mix up tough pieces with delicate ones and pearls are just such a feminine and classic thing to wear. I already said on Insta, but I love this garden!! So cool! When can I move in?!
    xx Jenelle

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Pearl earrings are the perfect valentine gift and these are just the right size! I always equate pearls to classic style and I love the combination of that femininity with your leather jacket- such a beautiful look, sweet girl!❀

  3. What can i say!! you look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit, the way you have combined all this accessories is just perfect. I really liked the leather jacket and boots i’ll definitely add them to my wardrobe and thanks for providing links to the oufits.

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