The Perfect Velvet Dress

I consider myself to be a bit of a velvet expert. I’ve had many velvet dresses thru the years both vintage and new…but have never found the absolute perfect one. This is why I’m so excited to team up with the talented designer Nathalia JMag (from Project Runway) to create the perfect velvet dress. Velvet can be a bit of a tricky fabric in that the garment has to be cut very precisely to accentuate the body properly. A priority of ours was making sure that the velvet dress would be flattering and comfortable on any body type. It comes in the most luxurious velvet we could find. Beautiful full bell sleeves with a v neck cut, an accentuated waist and circle skirt detail. If you know me personally you know how precise and picky I am with my clothing. It has to be comfortable, accentuate the body properly and be made of a good quality fabric. No exceptions. We truly designed the perfect velvet dress and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

DSCF7094 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7009 1 small 1 The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7024 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7130 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7113 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7066 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7063  copy small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF70721 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF70881 small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7178 edited small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7227  Recovered small The Perfect Velvet Dress
DSCF7208 edit small The Perfect Velvet Dress

Directed and Styled by Danielle Gold
Photos shot by Cory Cullington


13 thoughts on “The Perfect Velvet Dress

  1. This dress is so beyond amazing! It truly is the most PERFECT velvet dress ever! I must order one immediately! I am so impressed with every detail!

    • oh thank you babe! we spent so long finding the perfect velvet too because I wanted it to be the best quality we could find. I’m just so pleased with the result! I hope everyone loves it just as much as I do haha xo

  2. I cannot imagine a more beautiful dress to bear your name! So exciting and so absolutely gorgeous. It really is a lovely cut and it’s no wonder because you are a velvet expert!??

  3. Omg in love with this!! ? I hope they haven’t sold out in two weeks I don’t get paid till next Friday!

  4. This is a beautiful dress. Its hard to find a dress that is high fashion, but at the same time looks comfortable to wear. Somehow you’ve managed it! Congratulations!

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