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The Red Trend

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The red trend is something I’m sure you’ve noticed during the past couple months. But did you know that because red is such a bold color it’s actually quite easy to style? I posted a few looks here showing various ways to pull off red, and really with the color that attracts this much attention it’s better to just go all out. I’m still actually on the lookout for the perfect red coat for this season. I’ll update you once I find it. If you did want to go for more of a subtle red look I would stick to accessories, like I did in this previous post here. While red is one of my favorite colors it’s definitely one where you need to make sure the item is really good quality, because if it’s made cheap…it will show.

When wearing red for the holidays it’s nice to go with a bit more of a classic festive red/burgundy tone. I think it just attracts a little less attention while still keeping the holiday spirit. I always opt for lace or velvet during the holidays and then add a faux fur or leather jacket to the outfit as outwear. This makes for a good balance of texture as well as incorporating warm and cool tones, while staying cozy in the hopefully cold weather. I say hopefully because it’s been so hot in California lately its been almost impossible to break out all my cozy winter coats. Though I will have more fall/winter outfits coming soon as well as my winter lookbook, so stay tuned for that!

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sunglasses – Kapten & Son
dress- Astars
shoes – Faryl Robin

Directed and Styled by Danielle Gold


17 thoughts on “Trend Talk: Red

  1. I’ve never liked red until now!! You look gorgeous and you pull it off in such a non-flashy, classy way! And I love all of these different textures too! Beautiful as always love!

    • reds always been my favorite since I was a kid but I never really wore it until the past couple years! and thank you babe! <3

  2. Love red on you! I feel red is a classic colour. Never goes out of style. I have been rocking red lips almost every day of this month and love it!
    P.S. love all outfits, especially burgundy lace dress xx

  3. Red is absolutely one of my favourite colours to wear too! I have to say, I need that suede jacket in my closet! It looks amazing on you!
    So cool to see all of your red pieces hanging together. I have mine colour coordinated too, it makes it easier to dress by mood!
    xx Jenelle

    • oh thank you babe! do you mean the red velvet one!? that’s one of my faves <3 smart to color coordinate too! it does help you're right hah

  4. You looked so hot in red, babe! Love how you compile all these photos together on all your red outfits. I especially love the red velvet top with those necklaces! What a great pairing. Perhaps the next post talking about another trend colour?

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