Vintage Luxury Investments Part 1

IMG 0180 819x1024 Vintage Luxury Investments Part 1
IMG 9239 768x1024 Vintage Luxury Investments Part 1
IMG 9195 768x1024 Vintage Luxury Investments Part 1

One of the best parts of fashion is being able to share special pieces that can transcend through generations and still be wearable. I love vintage items that can withstand the test of time, and stay classic as the trends come and go. This vintage Gucci watch is one of those pieces. The classic black leather band and gold hardware goes with everything in my closet. The black dial color is a bit unusual in design, but it personally fits my style as I wear a lot of black. So I know I’ll always wear it for years to come, also I like to wear pieces that are a bit different.

I know that I will wear this Gucci watch for a long time because my Nona actually owns a matching one, with only a slight difference in the leather band. I actually shared a photo of both of our gucci watches recently and its amazing how her’s has held up for so long. Ours look basically identical. Vintage luxury items are hard to come by and you always have to remember to test for quality first before anything else. Even though the price can be a bit high, if its truly an investment, its always worth it.


2 thoughts on “Vintage Luxury Investments Part 1

  1. What a beautiful timepiece!! Can’t go wrong with vintage too babe! Love the new website layout by the way XO

  2. Oh babe that watch is such a beautiful find! Website looks amazing too! Looking forward to part 2

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