Styling: Monochrome Textures

DSF8336 zps1eqisvga Styling: Monochrome Textures

When styling an all black outfit, texture is key. I’m wearing my new favorite soft faux fur coat and new go-to black leather bag in today’s look. I had to do one classic all black look to end the winter season as this is the sort of outfit I find most comfortable. My thigh high velvet boots with the metallic heel add a bit of sparkle to the outfit and is a good complement to the furry coat. The minimalism design of the smooth leather bag contrasts really well with the texture on both the coat, the boots and the design on my tights. Mixing textures is my favorite strategy to spice up an all black outfit, so it doesn’t look so one dimensional and boring.

When you add different textures to an all black look it stands out differently than other black outfits; that’s why many all black outfits can start to look the same after awhile, like a uniform. This bag quickly became one of my go-to’s after I discovered it had a big pocket on the back. This is a very useful design to slip in a quick cardholder or your phone so you don’t have to reach into your purse too often. Other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links to all items featured. Also my festival lookbook will be coming up in just a few weeks!

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DSF8368 zpsidyewawe Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8382 zpsqyqq2duu Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8397 zpsxqs8mt2c Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8385 zpsefcdf4ox Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8399 zpsrc2c3wqb Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8400 zpsrrcdjpmi Styling: Monochrome Textures
DSF8411 zpsxd2mufg6 Styling: Monochrome Textures

coat – David Lerner
romper – Rove Designs

Directed and Styled by Danielle Gold
Photos shot by Cory Cullington


7 thoughts on “Styling: Monochrome Textures

  1. So polished and chic! The details on the tights really tied the whole look together for me ?

  2. You are so right about texture being key! The different fabrics really do complement each other and make an all black outfit stand out so much! You look so beautiful too, sweet friend!❤

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