Styling: Flats

D 01 1 1 Styling: Flats

It’s not too often that you’ll find me in flat shoes, but when I have a busy day and am trying to dress casual they are my best option. Though its often hard to find flat shoes that aren’t sneakers but are just as comfortable and durable, both of these looks feature these little black lace up flats. I love the vintage inspired design and the classy bowtie front on these flats. I wore all black in two looks to show a simple day to night transition. Both looks also feature gold hardware which accentuates my new favorite little gold necklace from Muisse Jewelry. My grandmother has a necklace with a D engraved in it just like this one, so when I saw this design I felt a deep nostalgia right away. As you can see the engraving is beautifully done in old English lettering and I personally wanted it on the very edge of the bar. Though they can custom make the design any way you want.

The first look is more of a daytime outfit and what I normally wear out on almost any day of the week. What I will typically wear is a breathable soft dress that has a flowy silhouette rather than skintight. Just add some fun sunnies, grab you bag and go. This look is all abut comfort and practicality, which is why its my daily “uniform”. Its a simple look, paired with the flats and my go to leather bucket bag that can hold way more than it looks. The little matching leather pouch inside also helps. The second outfit is about that time when it is starting to turn into evening and might get a bit chilly. I decided to pair the flats and necklace with a super soft sweater and suede skirt combo to keep me warm but still comfortable. I also had to put on my hat with gold trimming as I love to pair gold details with this hat, I mean that is the whole reason I got it. With these casual looks it’s good to just put on something that you know you can be comfortable in. You don’t want to be too dressed up as you want comfort to be the first priority in an outfit like this. All outfit details will be listed below each look along with direct links.

D 02 Styling: Flats
D 04 edited 1 Styling: Flats
D 06 Styling: Flats
D 03 Styling: Flats
D 07 Styling: Flats

necklace – Muisse Jewelry
dress – For Love and Lemons
shoes – Urban Outfitters
sunglasses – Vintage

D 08 Styling: Flats
D 09 Styling: Flats
D 11 Styling: Flats
D 12 Styling: Flats
D 10 Styling: Flats
D 13 Styling: Flats

necklace – Muisse Jewelry
sweater – Vintage
skirt – Vintage
shoes – Urban Outfitters
sunglasses – Vintage

photos by Monique Blais


8 thoughts on “Styling: Flats

  1. Ok, you look absolutely gorgeous in these flats. I simply adore the way you styled these two looks! And that necklace… If your grandmother had the same kind, it was fate! You needed this! I just love your style- it’s fabulous, beautiful girl!! Xx Michelle

  2. Very pretty necklace babe!! Love the flats too!! I’m so used to you in heels or boots so this is a nice change. A very simple yet chic look ?

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