Trend Talk: Off The Shoulder (OTS)

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The OTS (off the shoulder) trend has been very popular recently as I’ve been seeing it everywhere already this summer. What I find so interesting is that this style has actually been a favorite of mine for years. The off the shoulder is a classic and feminine look but still comes off quite sophisticated despite the semi low neckline. The lace on this particular dress also adds a much more delicate and dainty feel. The only flaw with off the shoulder is that, when not cut properly, it can make it hard to lift your arms all the way above your head. So it’s good to keep this sort of thing in mind as it will affect your natural movement.

In fashion you will always see trends come and go; which is why developing your personal style is so important. That can only come with experience though which is why it might take awhile to find out what you don’t like and won’t wear, which is almost just as important as finding what you do like. Don’t be afraid to try new trends. Also, don’t feel like you have to run out and buy something just because all your faves are suddenly wearing it. Especially in a time when you will see the same repeat of outfits with the same exact items across countless social medias, it becomes boring and expected. Almost nothing is in style forever and almost everything ends up coming back around anyways, so just wear what you love! Other outfit details will be listed below along with direct links to all items featured.

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watch – Daniel Wellington
necklace – Blissfullyliss Jewelry
sunglasses – Vintage
dress – Free People
purse – Furla
shoes – Vintage

Directed and Styled by Danielle Gold
Photos by Lara Mansfeld (& Adam)


8 thoughts on “Trend Talk: Off The Shoulder (OTS)

  1. So stunning babe ?? It’s true finding your personal style is so important! Love the tips you listed here.

  2. I absolutely agree with the take-home message of your post! It is so important to be true to your personal style as only you and you alone will know what suits you best 🙂 You really suit this trend.

    Adrianna |

  3. Loving this all black look w/ your sleek sunnies babe! I’ll always know an outfits yours bc your style is so unique! Xx

  4. I love this look on you. You always accessorise so well too. You must have quite the sunglasses and purse collection! I have really only worn off the shoulder looks once or twice. That whole lifting your arms up thing you were talking about would always annoy me so I didn’t ever buy them. Though last summer I found a couple of off the shoulder tops that I ended up really liking. Maybe next summer I will end up with even more!
    xx Jenelle

  5. You know love you are so right. I just love that about you – you have such a strong sense of personal style and always always stick to it and your advice is so true! That’s what shines about you – your gorgeous style ❤️

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