Styling: Sunset Moth

MG 0534 zpsrlxy1dzz Styling: Sunset Moth

Jewelry is a very special part of our wardrobes, but too often most of the styles for sale are mass produced and boring. It’s personally rare for me to find jewelry that I’m actually willing to spend money on and that I know I will keep in my collection for many years. Not only does it have to be my style, a special design and well made, but it has to be from a designer I know is putting true quality into their work so the pieces won’t break after multiple wear or travels. This is why I am exited to share with you one of my new favorite jewelers, Hart Variations . All of these pieces are handmade; and the patterns you see on my necklace here are actually the wings of a sunset moth. The different insects used in the jewelry come unharmed from sustainable, licensed butterfly conservation farms working to conserve native insect habitats. Snakeskin is shed naturally, & feathers are collected after molting. She then preserves them and turns their natural patterns into beautiful works of art that you can wear. The insects, wings, feathers, bones, snakeskin and other objects are chosen for their textures, shape, and colors as well as for the roles they play in the natural world.

If this piece looks familiar it could be because it was featured in my valentines day look with a red velvet dress, here. But for this look I decided to go with an all black outfit and let the colors of my surroundings really accentuate the colors in the necklace. This pattern is from nature, the sunset moths habitat, so I found it only fitting to shoot this look in nature. I decided to pair the colorful jewelry with subtle black lace. This is actually a 2 piece set, but on me from certain angles it appears to look more like a jumpsuit. I then threw on this fuzzy black coat and a nude color lipstick. I love the double chain and diamond design of this necklace, though her jewelry come in a variety of shapes and chain options, the direct link for this design will be listed below along with all outfit details.

MG 05252 zpse97ne5q4 Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0526 zpshtxv80ai Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0522 1 zpseyao5xqc Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0556 zpswdsixprk Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0552 zpsuynxhux3 Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0527 zpsvjbcylwp Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 05672 zpso7xkp6ec Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0578 zpsvmuvd98f Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0584 zpsgpbkuai3 Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 06121 zps0fjcjwak Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 05941 zpsdpfvwhzd Styling: Sunset Moth
MG 0601 zpsw5i0rasb Styling: Sunset Moth

necklace – Hart Variations
top/pants – Vintage
coat – Vintage
shoes – UNIF
sunglasses – Free People
lipstick- Limecrime

Photos by Sydney Simone


4 thoughts on “Styling: Sunset Moth

  1. Danielle you are always so fabulous!! Your dark looks are perfect always and your accessories look great all the time. I agree with you on jewelry completely! And I love your necklace

  2. Great post – so glad you featured this eye-catching necklace. It really pops with your black ensemble and the setting. After visiting the Hart Variations site, I, too, find the designs and materials unique and beautiful. Thanks, Danielle!

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