Beauty Faves: Winter 2018

With the launch of my new beauty category on my blog I thought it would be fitting for the first post to be my current beauty favorites. I’ll do one post like this each season talking about the different products that I’ve been using and some others that I’ve recently found and loved. Since I don’t wear much make up this category will mostly focus on skin and hair care, and various other beauty products like ones for nails, eyes, and lips. I’ve found that when it comes to skincare its best to stick to more natural ingredients with not a lot of extras added. Sometimes these extra ingridents can counteract other products you are using and you don’t even know it. That means in this situation, less can actually be better. We’ll get more into that in a later post. I will also be including my favorite perfumes, my current one being Mademoiselle by Chanel.

The main item I want to focus on today is my amazing mirror that has a tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight. This feature is what made me fall in love with this product because the lights allow you to see full color variation. This will make applying makeup easier as well because it shows you what the true quality of your skin looks like. Not only does it light up but it has a zoom feature that is about 5x magnification. This means you are able to see your whole face, not just one area, so you can see still all the details. Which really does make a big difference in my opinion. It also includes a small handheld mirror for even more zoom and is stored conveniently to a magnet on the back of the mirror to save space. Details on all other beauty products I’ve been loving this winter season will be listed below.

IMG 0140 1 Beauty Faves: Winter 2018
IMG 0163 1 Beauty Faves: Winter 2018
IMG 0169 1 Beauty Faves: Winter 2018
mirror – Simple Human
perfume – Chanel
skincare – Dior, Darphin
lipstick – Winky Lux
beauty bags – Cuyana

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  1. Ok girl this light is seriously so necessary! I’m adding this to my vanity ASAP!
    Love the new category too!

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