Styling: Pearls

IMG 5892 after zpsknn9rcdv Styling: Pearls

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I want to feature a perfect little delicate gift. Pearls have always been a luxury status symbol in fashion and society. A simple little pair of pearl earrings is I think one of the best valentine’s gifts you can get, and also one of the safest if you don’t know their exact personal favorite style. They are romantic and beautiful but also very practical; they are a nice addition to your wardrobe as they are a very classic piece. Never too over-the-top but also always a very sophisticated look. I am also a fan of this design because of the very small delicate pearls, as I feel like a large pearl earring can look a bit costume.…

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Daily Looks: February & Valentines 2016

Screen Shot 2016 02 17 at 2.35.53 PM zps6yemkwga Daily Looks: February & Valentines 2016

A few of my favorite outfits this month and a quick look at my velvet Valentines Day dress. This post will be updated as the month goes on but can always be found at the Daily Looks section at the top of my page. On this Valentines Day I wore one of my favorite red velvet dresses with a matching cut out detail bra. But what really completed the look in my opinion, was this colorful necklace by Hart Variations, which will be featured in a bigger review on my blog soon. The review will also include a little info on how the jewelry is made; hint: it’s made from insects (butterflies, sunset moth, bees, ect).…

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Events: Velvet Valentine 2015

Untitled 1 zpsaf4d2124 Events: Velvet Valentine 2015

Valentines day is one of my favorite holidays. Not only is it my half birthday, but it’s a holiday that is simply about love. And the color red, which is my favorite color (since black and leopard print aren’t colors). Today’s outfit is a bit different than usual but I’ve been dying to wear this red velvet dress for as long as I can remember! I was hoping to wear it around the holidays back in December. But due to the open back and arms, and the exposed front, it’s really more of a spring dress. It’s almost getting too warm for velvet now, but in this dress I was quite comfortable.…

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